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  1. Does Dr. Sebi products for herpes really work?
    Does anyone know if Dr. Sebi’s products really work for herpes because I have a little brother who was diagnosed with it in September of 2011 and I’m willing to pay for Dr. Sebi’s products for the cure no matter how much it costs!! Can somebody please tell me something good and what I want to hear???? PLEASE!!!! IT WOULD BE A BLESSING!!!!!!!

    • Herpes is a chronic, lifelong infection. It will never go away. Even though there is no cure, antiviral medicines can help to:

      Treat the symptoms,
      Lower your chances of having an outbreak,
      Lower the number of times you shed the virus without knowing it, and
      Prevent you from having the symptoms again.

      Medicines include:

      Acyclovir (ay sye’ kloe veer) which is also called Zovirax;
      Famcyclovir (fam sye’ kloe veer) also called Famvir, and
      Valacyclovir (val ay sye’ kloe veer) or Valtrex.

      These work best if you take them at the first sign of burning or itching, before the sores appear. Another way to take them is to take a small amount each day.

      You also can ask some people who have herpes on datingpoz.com.They will show you experience.That maybe useful to you.

  2. Does anyone know of Dr Sebi?
    I have a friend that was diagnosed with herpes. A friend of hers told her about Dr Sebi. It is said that he has a diet program that can cure diseases that is said to be noncureable. Has anyone tried this diet program or know someone who has? If so is the allegations true can this herbal diet cure noncureable disease like herpes?

    • Hi,

      I apologize for the previous person that was rude to you. If you want answers to your questions from a known source, visit the website that I am listing below. I know of people that are well known all over the world that visit Dr. Patina on a regular basis. They are very professional and they are real. I’ve only heard of Dr. Sebi, can not speak on his works. but I can on Dr. Patina, she’s a very good source and has helped a lot of people. Very confidential and will provide over the phone consultations.


      Good Luck and God Bless!

  3. Anyone cured of Herpes by Dr. Sebi?
    I was looking to seek information on Dr. Sebi, I have seen many people speak on being healed and being in a better state then they were in by following Dr. Sebi and his work. It would be helpful if someone who takes his product or went through his therapy can help. Thanks..

  4. Have any one heard of Dr.sebi healing for herpes and HIV do you think is true?
    I would like to know I have a friend that is HIV positive and I’m from Honduras I believe that a lot of earth natrual products can help, what’s your opinion

    • 3 men have possibly been cured from a bone marrow transplant. This is very dangerous as some people die during these transplants and it’s too early to say how many people will be able to have access to this treatment.

      “Dr.” Sebi is a scam artist and a liar who is simply trying to profit from the misfortune of others. The first person who has ever possibly been cured from HIV was Timothy Ray Brown, and that was with the bone marrow transplant. This was only recently announced. “Dr.” Sebi has not cured anybody, and if he has, then their names would be out there and they would be making videos and getting paid lots of money by the news networks to do interviews about their success. Dr. Sebi has been arrested twice for promising health claims that failed to come true, and he has no medical license whatsoever. He is not a doctor or a medical professional. He is not an expert on HIV, he is just an expert at taking people’s money with lies.. I would stay far away from this man and his products.

      The sad part about this is that no matter what you say about this man and no matter how many times he gets arrested or caught for lying, people with HIV will still flock to him and buy his products because they are desperate for a cure and willing to try anything. So he will continue to get rich off desperate and foolish people.

  5. Have you heard of Dr. Sebi?
    I just learned about him today from a Facebook Friend. According to his website he can cure several aliments with his “Electric Food” and reverse diseases such as Cancer, Herpes, H.I.V, Diabetes, Aids, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Fibroids, etc. I saw someone on Youtube say his remedies do work in mind, body, and spirit and I’ve heard other people on Yahoo! answers say the same thing. But if his Electric Food can reverse these diseases why does he only have one office in the States and why hasn’t he tried to bring this to America’s attention? Is this some kind of conspiracy to keep medical doctors rich? Also can his products work on anyone or do they just work on people of African descent? See this for yourselves and please give me your honest answers and opinions.


    • Total quack….

      Plenty of people eat that type of diet and come down with those illnesses – what the man claims doesn’t matter. I tell water to sit up and listen and it does! Yeah! (See what I mean?)

      Electric food? Puh-lease! There is no such thing, he’s just trying to take advantage of some science-y sounding words. Everything he is selling can be found in any health food store – I checked his site, he is only selling it for 3x-10x what he should. Leave that con-artist alone.

      No one can reverse cancer, herpes, HIV, blindness, and so on….

      Only work on people of African Descent? No – nothing in medicine only works on people of one ethnic background or culture, under the skin we are biology doesn’t know those limitations.

      He only has one office trying to stay low on radar to minimize his chances of getting thrown in prison….

  6. Has anyone been cured of herpes by using Dr. Sebi products? If so please let me know!!!!?
    i have been diagnosed with it a month ago and im so depressed. i read one of these threads earlier and somebodys friend was cured of it. I have the money for it i just need a living testimony or some one who who knows a person that used this treatment.

    • Dr. Sebi is an excellent holistic doctor, and I hear his products are excellent as well.. however, in order for you to effectively cure herpes, you have to make a complete lifestyle change to accompany the use of the products, and that’s with any program or regimen you go into. There is no single product that will cure herpes, but there are products that will aid in getting rid of it. I know of some other useful products also if you would like to personally contact me for that information. I can’t post that here because it would be a violation of the Yahoo rules as I was just informed.

  7. Which zodiac sign would expose….?
    Let’s assume you discovered an all natural cure for AIDS. But then afterwards the FDA (food drug administration – people in charge of the food and drugs) comes, destroys the evidence because stock on pharmaceutical drugs will go down, and they will feel threatened because it’s a CURE, and humans won’t have to buy prescription drugs anymore. The FDA would seize evidence and imprison you; because this all natural CURE isn’t FDA approved a drug.

    FDA’s in charge of the food and drugs, After becoming sick from ill processed foods and chemicals, prescription drugs are prescribed. (same ppl in in charge of both food and drugs :-o).

    Which zodiac sign would get pissed and feel even more passionate about exposing “Americas greed for money at the expense of human life?”

    • OO I love this post. Well I’m a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising….Leo Venus, Libra Mars if that matters but I am working towards being a Raw Foodist…I lived off of only raw food, small amount of meat for like 4 months and then I fell off because my mom was supporting me more and she got sick of buying expensive food….I want to be a Raw Food Nutritionist though so I’m working towards Botany… and still jus taking basic classes in college so I need to figure how to work all of that out so I can be able to learn everything I need to know and still travel and help other countries.

      My problem is my ambition, sometimes I’m just very lazy… and without all the necessary tools I lack motivation because I need everything to be perfect for me to stay on track…..=[ I’m working on that but I feel something great coming from this fantasy of mine……It really is disgusting how much posions we consume in all the so called FDA approved products we own… the Attorny General of New York had Dr. Sebi, a man who had the cure for AIDS, LUPUS, SICKLE CELLS, BLINDNESS, HERPES, CANCER and OTHERS arrested because he did not have a medical license and he had an ad in the newspaper. Oh and the FDA hadn’t approved his products which were given by nature instead of the chem lab…but don’t worry this is a new generation everything will be exposed in due time….and once the truth and pure facts and statistics are put out completely it will be up to each individual to alter a lot of their life decisions

  8. Does anyone know of Dr. Sebi of Honduras?
    I have a friend that was diagnosed with herpes. A friend of hers told her about Dr Sebi. It is said that he has a diet program that can cure diseases that is said to be noncureable. Has anyone tried this diet program or know someone who has? If so is the allegations true can this herbal diet cure noncureable disease like herpes?

    • Well I’m from Honduras and yes it’s true that some people claim that he cures “incurable diseases”. Rumors here in Honduras says that the American female rapper that die in La Ceiba wasn’t here on a “spiritual retreat” but she was here to get treatment for AIDS, I don’t know if it was with Dr. Sebi, I’m not sure, but personally I think if they could cure those diseases they would have won the novel prize all ready. I would stay away from them.

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