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  1. Is there an easy way to get rid of warts on neck and face?
    There are warts on my face and neck and I wanted to get rid of them without going to experts.

    • They may go away with time…or spread with time.

      Any particular reason why you don’t want to see an expert?

  2. what are some REAL natural remedies for male genital warts?
    I have had few regular warts show up on my (shaft) over the last year – they’re very small and I’d like to have them removed and really just noticed them. I’ve looked online and they’re not the blister type – look just like the kind people get on their face neck hand back wherever – don’t want to wait for doctor’s appt before doing something about it. I don’t have warts anywhere else on me – started out looking like a few scattered freckles but a couple are raised up a little now and there’s a couple others which aren’t dark but are still small and raised.

    Appreciate any advice, opinion, or help on this. I’m a very clean guy and not that promisciuous so I’m not writing this off as an std though it appears that any type of genital wart is lumped in that category. I’m into holistic treatments as I’ve survived cancer holistically and am a health nut – abeit financially wrecked from expesive treatment for cancer which didn’t work so now very poor and can’t afford most expensive remedies for anything.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. I just got my skin tags and small warts removed. Do I have to throw away my towels?
    I just got my skin tags and small warts (flat warts) removed on my neck, face, and armpits. They say its caused by a virus. Do I have to throw away my towels to avoid recontamination? Or will washing in bleach/hotwater do?

    • Washing them will kill the virus that causes warts. You don’t have to worry about the skin tags. They’re not caused by a virus. Regular laundry detergent and bleach should do the trick. Actually, you don’t really have to use bleach if you don’t want to. Just detergent and hot water.

  4. How to lighten moles on face and neck?
    Is there a way to lighten moles on face and neck?
    I have a lot of them all over and they really show on pictures.
    I don’t wear makeup so if I use concealer it looks unnatural.
    Any advice ?

    • There were totally 15 moles / black spots on my face and body before, I tried this mole remover and most of my moles were gone right now. But please pay attention, don’t over use in order to avoid getting scar. Hope it works for you too.

      For more information, please see the following using methods, it is very useful for unwanted moles, beauty marks, black spots.

      10 ML Skin Care non-Laser Removal

      (1) Clean the nevus and the area around it, use a toothpick (do not use a cotton stick to tip or wipe) to mix the liquid and sediment, and then tip a little amount of the mole remover and apply it onto the middle of the nevus. The area would turn to white colour after 1 minute. Use alcohol or water to clean the mole area after 10 minutes (If you tip the amount of mole remover properly, you don’t have to clean). The mole would peel off (May help with finger) in 8 to 20 days. Repeat the process again until the mole peeling off if the colour of the nevus is dark. (it is suggested applying the liquid to nevus on hands or legs first to see the results and learn to control the usage before applying the liquid to other areas of the body, DON’T TRY on FACE for the first time!)


  5. How can I hide the moles on my face and feel less self-conscious about them?
    Hi everyone,

    I am a 20 year old male and I am very self-conscious about the moles on my face and sides of my neck. I am to the point where I don’t like going out in the sun anymore because I am worried that I will develop more of them and am worried what other people think when they look at me.

    I don’t really have that many on the front of my face, but the sides of my face and neck are pretty covered with moles. They vary in size and color, but there are quite a few of them. I went to a dermatologist about them, but he only removed two because he said he can’t remove them unless they are cancerous. I eventually want to go in and have the laser mole removal surgery done. However, in the mean time does anyone know what I can use to hide the moles on my face and neck? How about using foundation or makeup to hide them? Should I use sunscreen when I am out in the sun to help prevent moles? Does sunscreen really help to prevent them? Please help me out :-)

    • First of all I think its super cute when a man has freckles and moles. I love it. I really wouldn’t worry about. There is nothing wrong with them. Girls think its cute anyways. haha.

      You could foundation, but you’d really have to be careful about the skin tone that you get and if you got wet than it would wash off.

      Suncreen isn’t going to help with your mole problem. Sorry. Your doctor is a retard. He can remove your moles, they don’t have to be cancerous to be removed. He’s just lazy to do it. It’d be like saying, your warts have to be cancerous for us to freeze em off. LOL! I would see someone different. Its your money and your paying him to do it.

      I would google some other ways to hide your moles, but there isn’t alot that you can do to get ride of them, unless you do a removal(surgical).

  6. What is this called? Please answer if you have medical knowledge?
    A friend of mine has bumps like cysts on his face and neck and arms-it isn’t acne-it’s more like large warts but they have been there for years and are larger than warts. He also has protruded bumps of bone? on his fingers and hand it looks like. I don’t want to ask him and wondered what it’s called. He is half Indian and half Caucasian and in his kid pictures he doesn’t have this.

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