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  1. Why do I keep getting new cold sores?
    This is my first time having a cold sore breakout. I have been applying abreva to the spots each day but it seems as if a new one appears each day. help

    • Welcome to lovely world of having cold sores! Often the first occasion is the worst and you can get one or multiple lesions. I’m not familiar with “abreva” so I googled it and can say that I have used a similar cream and yes, they really do reduce the healing time, and also make the lesions softer and more comfortable. If you go the link below you will find some good information on cold sores, with a useful range of photos for comparison. They show how cold sores can vary in their appearance, size and site.

      Once you are infected, herpes sits in the nerves and can’t be eradicated completely. They are likely to pop up again when you are unwell, stressed, tired, not looking after yourself etc, or maybe just for the fun of it. :-/ As soon as you notice the first signs (tingling, tenderness, redness) start using the cream and don’t stop until it is gone. The sooner you start the cream the better it is and the shorter the healing time.

      My cold sores kept coming back to greet me, and eventually I went to the doctor and complained bitterly. What a blessing that was because I was put on aciclovir tablets, which are antiviral tablets used for both the prevention and treatment of cold sores. I found that these worked much much than the cream, although the same principle of taking the tablets early still applies – the sooner the better. If start them early enough with the first signs of a new sore approaching, I can avoid an outbreak altogether.

      If the sores are multiplying despite the cream you should get them checked out. For one thing, they may not be cold sores but something like impetigo which also produces scabby sores and requires different treatment. And for another, if the doctor thinks it is appropriate, you could be prescribed aciclovir (or whatever the equivalent is in your area).

      Also remember that cold sores are catchy. Be careful to wash your hands after touching the lesions as it can spread to other parts of your body, or to other people. I’m not sure how easily it spreads on objects, but you shouldn’t share towels etc as a matter of course.

  2. Does anyone get cold sores only in the corner of their mouth?
    How many of you get cold ssores at the corner of your mouth only? I’m not talking anywhere else on your lip, chin, or even gential.

    One morning i left an irritated spot because of drooling. It was itching, burning, stinging, swelling, but not painful. I wake up to alot of bacteria on my face because i was sleeping on a dirty pillow that day. It blistered in less than 5 minutes and crusted the next day and yet it seemed like there was clear fluid or pus inside. The scabs were yellow honey color soon it quickly fell because of many showers i took and they often turn white and rip off. I got different color scabs after which appeared brown but i assume it’s because of the blood that’s coming out from the cracks. Does this sound like an infection that has to do with bacteria. Many sites are saying how people and even doctors can mistaken it as a cold sore because it blister with pus/fluid and scabs but i found out many other diseases that are more common on the corners of the mouth.

    for example i read about Angular Cheilitis. This is a common oral disease that has to do with baterica infection. The site says:

    “Another cause of angular cheilitis is drooling. During the drooling, saliva comes out from the corners of the mouth and causes excessive moisture on these corners.”

    It even says that it can blister : If the cheilitis starts blistering and ordinary measures are unable to stop it in the first go

    Theres also impetigo that can blister and leak pus,fluid out which forms scabs too

    so….. my question is how many of you actually get cold sores in the corner of your mouth only? but the rest of ur face and lip is clean and not affected.

    Even better if some of you have had this problem like me who woke up to a itchy corner of the mouth and blistered can u tell me if it was a cold sore?

    Link for proof of my research is here if you want to check:


    • I had both cold sores and cheilitis. I had cold sores all over my lips, but not in the corners of my mouth. The beginning stages of cold sores are clusters of pin-sized bumps that look like the color of your lips. You should feel tingling and itching anywhere from your nostrils, the philtrum (mustache area) to site of the breakouts. The cold sores blister, and later pop, oozing pus. The whole time your lips will tingle, itch, and hurt. The cold sores went away after two weeks.

      After the cold sore, I developed cheilits in the corner of my mouth. It first started out as a cut in the corner of the mouth and then the skin (not the lips) around the cut started oozing pus. I had miniature cuts in my skin. I mostly felt pain when I opened my mouth too wide, but no itching or tingling. I’ve been dealing with the cheilits for the past three weeks and it certainly lasts longer than herpes breakouts.

      If you have a cold sore, get tested for herpes. You don’t want to pass it on to any of your partners. Herpes Simplex 1 can spread to other areas of your body so wash your hands after touching the sore. The doctor will prescribe Valtrex or acyclovir. I usually take the pills with first sign of tingling and I apply Abreva, a cream you can buy at any drugstore, with a cotton swab.

      If it is cheilits, I suggest rinsing your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide after every meal. Wash the sore with soap and apply hydrogen peroxide to the sore with a cotton swab. Cheilitis is basically a cut that keeps getting infected everytime you eat. The cut opens up everytime you chew. Try cutting up your food into small pieces.

  3. I have a rash on my face, under my nose…what it is?
    this is around the bottom of my nose. One Dr. says Seborrheic Dermititis, another says it is from blowing my nose eveyday. It is rad with rad bumps, oily/greasy, itchy at times, and hot, the skin feels hot on my face. What the heck? anyone even had anything like this?

    • herpes or impetigo. for herpes, use abreva or campho-phenique. Also try neosporin. keep it clean and don’t pick at it or It will spread. It is cold sore season.

  4. how can i get rid of a swollen lip?
    mosh pit >_> my lip is flippen huge! it looks like herpes or somthing, how can i reduce the swelling?

    • Ice will help with pain and swelling . If you have a cold sore the ice will help that too but you will need an OTC remedy such as abreva for helping it heal …
      If this is the 1st time you have had this a visit to the doctor is needed to diagnose you since it could be impetigo, shingles or just the common cold sore . Shingles and cold sores are just common forms of herpes zoster and will go into dormation in time and can reappear , there is no cure . In the mean time ice will certianly help never keep ice on more than 15-20 minutes at atime

  5. Will Impetigo go away on it’s own if you leave it alone and you don’t have a doc to go to?
    Are there people out there who have had allergic reactions to some pills called Bactrim? I have been having dizziness,chest pains,pains in my right arm when I have chest pains,restless sleeping disorder,not seeing straight,pricking in the feet,swollen eyelids and leg cramps and itching in the vaginal area and also having a heard time catching my breath and also anxiety attack.Can anyone get back to me to tell me if anyone else has had a reactions like this?

    • yea, I can’t take bactrim or levaquin or cipro. Impetigo or herpes simplex 1.?….look similar. Abreva for HSV1 bacitracin for impetigo.

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