8 thoughts on “Should You Put Neosporin On A Cold Sore Scab

  1. What do you do after a cold sore scabs up can you put some neosporin on it? Or leave it be? ?
    I have this big scab over it and when I shower it tends to peal off. I’ve used so many home remedies to get rid of it and most have helped with the healing process.
    I lost my abreva and don’t want to spend $15 more on a new one if this one is almost gone!

    • Remember that the virus that causes those sores like injured tissue so each time you tug at the scab, it can cause the sore to last longer. Also keep in mind that the virus can get on your fingers and invade other areas of susceptible tissue such as your eyes, your nose, pimples, scratches, etc. Wash your hands well after touching them. At this point keeping the scab soft is important, it is past the stage where medicine will actually affect the lesion. Use neosporin (unless you are allergic to sulfa drugs) then use Bacitracin instead, or anything that will keep it soft.

      If you get these frequently, talk to your dentist about a prescription pill that you can take the moment you feel a cold sore starting, you take it for 3 days and the sore barely becomes visible (if at all) and goes away right away… no scab, no mess. The RX is called Valtrex (yes it is the same medicine used for genital herpes but is used slightly differently). It works much differently and much more effectively than Abreva. Good luck!

  2. How to get rid of a cold sore?!?
    My cold sore is almost gone but its in the stage where is very dried up and almost a scab but not quite yet. I start school tomorrow and I’m terrified to go back. I’m thinking of buying those Abreva patches to cover it up but I really want it to go away. Should I keep putting the Campho on it to dry it up or should I put neosporin on it or something else?. Help!

    • The BEST THING FOR A COLD SORE is believe it or not .an ICE CUBE .rub an ice cube on the cold sore twice a day until the cube melts ..it wont spread the virus nor will it leave a scar…
      The ice kills the Bacteria because you are bringing the temperature down so the virus will not multiply or spread ….you should have it killed off within 2 days using the ice cube… creams spread the cold sore because of heat on the lips…

  3. What to put on cold sore scab?
    I get cold sores all the time and i have methods to make them go away and turn into scabs fairly quickly, but once they are scabs i never know what to do with them. I usually put neosporin on them but is that what i should do?

    • Against the cold sore there are many creams available and once it got a scab you can use some healing cream on it and the sore should fade away within some days..

  4. How to get rid of cold sore scab FAST!?!?
    I got a cold sore on Saturday, it dried out by Sunday morning. I have senior pictures on Wednesday and need it GONE. Do I let it continue to dry out or put neosporin on the scab? Will it heal by Wednesday?

    • abreva works to get rid of it fast. but im not sure if by wednesday it will be gone. but i think it might! its worth a shot for your senior pic, is like 15$ at walmart. if it doesnt work, try to re schedule your appointment. good luck!

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