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  1. Herpes? Scared! Please helppp!?
    Okay so I recently had an outbreak on my mouth and it’s being treated with Abreva. So like. Before the outbreak I was shaving my vag and I cut it with the razor, like ya know, just a nick. Cleaned it off and went about my day well the outbreak happened that day and I fear I may have touched the nick with my hands after treating my mouth, but I put neosporin on it and treated it with alcohol. Will I be okay? It doesn’t appear to be swollen or anything, the skin on the cut where it’s healing just looks really thin and weird, maybe cuz it’s on the labia? I mean. It doesn’t really hurt unless I scratch at it or rub at it, but it was a razor cut, so those hurt anyway. Someone please give me some good news/reassure me or something! If you need more info, Just send me a message via messenger or email. Thanks!

    • IF you touched the sores on your mouth with your fingers–and then IMMEDIATELY (and I do mean IMMEDIATELY!) touched the genital area, then it is possible–not probable–that you may pass the virus to your genitals. That is the way the virus is also spread to the eyes (ocular herpes), cheeks/chin (herpes gladiatorum), and fingers (herpetic whitlow).

      NEVER touch the sores with bare fingers–always use a Q-tip or cotton pad to apply meds.

      Bottom line, chances are that you did NOT spread the virus.

  2. I accidentally picked off the yellow crust. Underneath was what appeared to be damp, red skin.?
    Question: I accidentally picked off the yellow crust over my cold sore. I know this may cause scarring. I was wondering if this will delay the healing process and am I that far from my cold sore healing completely? How soon can I kiss my boyfriend?
    Actually, no yellow crust/scab has reformed and the skin has gotten lighter in color to a shade of pink. Is this good?

    • The scab will reform soon, it may have delayed the healing process a little, but not by much. Scaring is more of a concern.
      You can kiss your boyfriend when the scab is totally gone. Although the viral load is lower in the scabing stage, it is still present and therefore, still contagious.
      The best thing to do is to focus on prevention. No kissing when you feel the tingling sensation (virus present even then and very contagious). Start an otc treatment such as abreva or prescription cream such as Denivir or Zorivax.

      Hope this helps. I have suffered from cold sores since grade 3 when a dental hygentist with early stage Whitlow infected me (herpes of the finger). Thank God they all wear gloves now.

  3. i have the worst cold sore ever on my lip and above the lip its rather painfull?
    what should i do to make it heal faster?

    • If you do not have an OTC med like Abreva, then you can try some lip balm and NSAID to help with the pain. Sometimes orajel will help, but be sure you do not have any cuts on your finger (so the virus won’t get into your hand, aka herpes whitlow) and wash your hands well!!
      Otherwise I would be getting to the drug store or ringing my doctor for some Denavir cream or something like that when the offices open. I hate when I have one of those, they hurt sooo bad! Good luck!

      go here for abreva website:

      Hi again, I just wanted to correct some information below. There are different strains of herpes (not stages) and the strains have a tendency to express themselves in specific areas, however, either strain can infect any area, not just the lips or genitals. A person can get herpes on any area of their skin including hands, buttocks and back, nose, eyes and even brain if they are really unlucky, but really it can spread anywhere! The only way to distinguish between the two strains is through testing. You can get herpes from sharing eating utensils, drinking from the same container as someone who is actively shedding the virus, sharing lip balm, touching the area, etc. Kissing and sex are only 2 of the ways it can be spread. I usually do not go into such detail, but that information is very important to you right now since you have an active blister. Please be sure to use careful handwashing, especially if you accidently touch it. Be sure not to share anything with anyone that your mouth has touched, and for eating utensils and cups, rinse them right away and put them immed. into the dishwasher or wash them immed. so there is no risk of you spreading it to friends and family members! Hope you recover soon!

  4. Is it bad to squeeze fluid out cold sore?
    My friend used abreva to clear up a cold sore and when it dried the cold sore up, he squeezed out the remaining. Does that help it heal quicker or infect it even more. He also bought it for $18. Are there any good remedies out there that’s cheaper?

    • Once the cold sore has formed a crust it is not supposed to have active virus in it any more. I would resist squeezing though…it could re-activate the process or lead to scarring.

      Abreva is good stuff it keeps the virus from spreading from the nerve into the skin cells nearby (which causes the “blister’). If he knows that sun or dryness sets his cold sores off he can use sun screen & lip balms to prevent them.

      One other option is to take Lysine (an amino acid). The studies don’t back up it’s use, but I know several people it has helped (even on the, er, below the belt out breaks). As a preventative take 500 to 1000 mg a day. At the first tingle, take 1000mg 3 times a day for 3 days, then taper off. During high stress (flu, finals, trouble with friends, cold, dry weather) the dose should be doubled, at least.

      I don’t know of a down side to it. The Lysine is cheap & it would be hard to overdose on an amino acid.

      P.S. Tell him to keep his hands off the cold sore before it crusts. The virus can spread into any broken skin on his fingers & cause something known as Herpes Whitlow….very painful.

      He also shouldn’t kiss anyone until a crust forms. Same reason.

  5. Do you think this is herpes or is it just razor burn?
    Last end of the month, july 30 09, I shaved under the nose..
    I’ve just got this paranoia and herpes scare about the guy at a juice stand near our gym. I’ve been very paranoid because here in the Philippines, juice stands use containers for their juices and they have ladles to get the juice. So here’s the story, I noticed the guys left thumb, his nail was partially taken off and the right side of his left thumb was turning black. It was the same hand holding my cup but the side of his thumb holding my cup wasn’t turning black and was fine. It’s turning black and I kept looking on it as he was pouring juice in my cup. I didn’t see any open wounds/sores/cuts. There isn’t any blisters also.. But it made me really paranoid that it might be herpes whitlow for him. I didn’t see any juice or the ladle hit his thumb also and go back to the container.. relieving me.. but… still i was paranoid that the guy might have herpes. BTW the only problem wrong was the right part of his thumb, the nail was partially taken off and it was turning black. I didn’t see any open sores and wounds/ lesions/ blisters on his mouth also. So here, I drank the juice and scared and hating myself for drinking it. The day after that.. I was scared and checking myself up if there was something wrong. I was looking at the mirror and I saw my upper lip just perfectly fine.. Then I took a bath, after I took a bath, I looked at the mirror and just above my left upper lip, just on the line when the lip meets the skin, there was an inflammation.. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t red but the area around the inflammation was red. It looked like a blister/a raised patch of skin.. but it isn’t a blister and it isn’t fluid filled. I keep touching it and it didn’t even hurt. It isn’t itchy also. 2 hours later, I looked in the mirror and the inflammation was gone.. but the paranoia is still making it worse for me.. the day after that.. nothing was wrong. everything was fine.. and the next day, at about evening time, I noticed and i’ve been having this itchy tingling feeling on my lower left chin.. and around my upper lip.. It’s been itchy and tingling… this was day 4 after I shaved, there’s no redness, just very slight itch and a tingling feeling. It’s now day 5, and it’s morning here. And I’m having a light itching and tingling feeling again at my upper lip. It isn’t painful, and it isn’t red. It isn’t swelling also. It’s on the area where the skin meets the lip. No pain, no blisters/lesions, no open cuts/ no redness and no wounds..
    It makes me wonder that if the guy at the juice stand had herpes whitlow, and had some of it on my juice.. and symptoms are coming, and i drank the juice.. why does the part on my upper lip only feel the tingling? Not my lips, my mouth, tongue, and throat? So this rules out the question of herpes and relieved me quite a bit.
    But can you please tell me what you think? Do you think it’s herpes or just some mild irritation / razor burn.

    I’m still a virgin and haven’t had sex.
    There was this instance that I’ve high-fived my friend with his left finger very red and was turning black also.. he also had no lesions and open wounds and cuts, and quickly i went to the bathroom and let water run on my right hand for about 2-3 minutes, and went to the blower to dry it off. I asked him and he told me it was burned by hot water.. So that rules out herpes also? does it?

    Please help, do you think this is herpes or just razor burn?

    • The docs should have given you a test. Oral herpes can be proven by a blood test. Too many docs are lazy and fail to give a test. if it feels itchy and tingles, it may be herpes. It happens under stress or a cold or flu. Get Abreva becuse it is helpful. Do not scrub your lips, becuse it can spread. I hope this helps because sharing a kiss or just food can spread it. Do not share food utinsils and glasses because viruses can survive 78 hours. No kissing on s first date nor finger catching. He might have not known because herpes can be contagiouos by a cigarette or sharing a soda from a straw. Many children have oral herpes from sharing candy or foods. Many are well intentioned and just want to share. See the doc and get a blood test. Planned parenthood will help men too and keep your confidentiality. No one dies from herpes. Get to the doc. Please because I care. I have herpes and my husband knows and he loves me. When I get that tingle on my lip, he knows that kissing is not in the question.

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