2 thoughts on “Diatomaceous Earth Cures Herpes

  1. Have you ever heard of these cancer cures?
    Food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy. Google it and read the benefits from those who have tried it. I did it myself and I know it cures arthritis and severe back pain due to bulging disc. A friend told me if you use regular store bought peroxide and use cotton ball on herpes infected area every day, you will never get another outbreak. How about baking soda to restore your bodys natural ph level, cancer cannot survive in a high alkaline ph. How about neem? Go do your homework. don’t just believe everything your doctor tells you. cancer makes doctors and pharmacutical companies 125 billion a year in the US alone. Food grade hydrogen peroxide will cost less than $100 a year.You may want to check out the benefits of taking food grade diatomaceous earth as well. It removes aluminum, lead and mercury toxins from your body. It cleans your colon. it reduces high blood pressure naturally. Your lifes health depends on your decisions. get informed, don’t just believe ‘ol dummy doc.

    • I’ve heard of the claims, but I’ve not heard of any cures. Point me in the direction of peer-reviewed research on these claims.

      I don’t believe my doctors . . . I believe the proof they present.

      I most definitely don’t believe empty claims on the internet.

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