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  1. My son has had a circular rash for over two weeks?
    I saw the doctor about it on the 14th, and she said it was probably a spider bite, but to watch it. Now it has grown at least twice as large and looks like a big circle that is much redder on the periphery than in the center. Should I take him back to the doctor?
    It isn’t scaly. The doc said it definately was not ringworm.

  2. I have this red circle rash on my face?
    i have this circle rash thing on my face, but it doesn’t look like ring worm because it is just all red and in a cirlcular shape. i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what it was.

  3. need to get rid of red non-itchy rash on chest in 1.5 days…before dinner party..desparate help need!?

  4. MY son has big red patches on each side of his mouth his doctor says it will go away but its been two weeks?

  5. Can rashes be cured with medication?
    Well, I’m not talking about like, external medication. I’m talking, like, pills. And I’m not saying for a few hours it’ll get better, I mean, its like a sickness and it’s gone (for good?).

    ..can that even happen?

  6. what skin disorder do u think i have?
    im currently having skin which is darkening and itching.. small patches which are just between my legs.. it’s rather irritating..

    i dont know if its because i gained wait or is its something serious.. im not allergic to anything though..

    any doctors, nurses or dermatologists out there can u please give me some answers!!


  7. Can you get a rash from Menopause?
    I am getting this rash that really itches all over my neck and chest. Can it be related to Menopause? Or maybe and allergic reaction to something?

  8. My daughter is 20 months and she got rash when she was sick with cold. It bothers her a lot. what can be used
    I used hydrocortisone cream 2.5 % that was prescribed by her doctor and it got better really fast. Now it is back… Did anyone had similar situation and what did you do? Does anyone knows any natural remedies for rashes? I don’t want to use that steroid cream too much, but I can’t see how she is suffering with it. Please help!

  9. Wondering what kind of rash my ex has?
    My ex has had a hoorible rash on his lower back and it itches him terribly.Now,I always wondered if he has caught something,because he lets his 18 year old dog urinate and pass fecal matter everywhere in his home.(Yucky) I am not w/him ..PLEASE…Be kind….I always wondered how he got it

  10. what causes dark, thick rash on waist?
    what causes dark, thick skin rash on waist and lower back/ butt?

  11. I developed a rash?
    I was just getting into the shower and i notice i had like a rash on my thigh. And i looked at it and it got itchy so i got in the shower and got dress its on both sides….and to day at School my ankles had a rash and i didn’t know it until 6th hour and it itched so i don’t know what its from? any ideas?

  12. why when my son eats red meat he gets a rash on his legs ?
    We have notice that everytime I prepare red meat his legs start itching, and he gets like swollen ants bites that he scratches a lot? I took him to a dermatologist and she said it looks like an allergy, but why only on his legs? by the way he is 13 years old :)

  13. allergy to own skin bacteria?
    I have a child at my work which has had a rash spreading through her intire body for the past week and doctor after doctor they finally said she is allergic to her own skin’s bacteria?

    Does anyone know anything about this and if So can you please give me some links or information about this?
    Thank You
    They have taken her to 5 different dermatologists, and its not like a normal rash the rash spreads fast and bleeds alot.

    The way they were talking it was more serious then a casual rash. I just don’t know. :|

  14. Rash on forehead? For no known reason?
    I have a rash on my forehead the size of two silver dollars, it looks red and almost like a sunburn and I have no clue how I got it. I woke up and had it. Any clue what this means? Any way to get rid of it overnight?

    Anyone else have this sort of thing?
    No bumps, just red skin. Thanks

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